Free City of Varr

The Free City of Varr

Towering over the Straight of Ichar stands the proud and opulent splendor of the Free City of Varr. A small city-state that nominally lies within the Galian Empire, the Free City of Varr has developed into the foremost naval power in the Old East. The Varr are commonly referred to as pirates, protectors and mercenaries (depending on who you ask) as a result of their “neutral” “Trade and Taxation” policies. The Varr are renowned throughout the Aldesian world for the quality of their ships, their ships’ crews, and the relative freedom of the common Varr citizen – a freedom that is fiercely and jealously guarded.


The Free City of Varr is ruled by two bodies – The Guild Council, and the People’s Assembly.

Free City of Varr

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